By using Kreatifi's done for you branding, you can not only represent your business with a brand identity that aligns with your business objectives, goals, and values, but also have an in-depth analysis of your brand, personality archetypes, customers, and competitors to guide your next strategy.

Kreatifi’s Brand your Business Includes:

A complete branding style guide with your brand identity elements, including colors, fonts, logos, icons and design templates. Together with a mock up visual of your products, background illustrations and branding examples, you can identify and distinguish how your brand looks in the customer mind.

A brand personality analysis that outlines what describes your business and products, how you want to be perceived by customers and your brand’s vision and mission statement with your core values at heart.

A Customer analysis that shapes your vision of who you want to serve and who your customer heroes will be, with detailed target customer needs, wants, and how you will meet those needs.

A Competitor analysis that provides you with insights to your direct and indirect competitors and what provide to customers to compile both offensive and defensive strategies towards your marketing goals

Add ons to your Branding by Kreatifi:

  • Logo designing

  • Professional photography sessions with you, your business and your products

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