Bringing creativity to your business can be a struggle, or even a task that you avoid, which is why you may not have started with social media marketing. Creative, compelling and high quality digital creations are what sets your social media page aside from the rest.

Kreatifi creates digital content, together with copywriting for your business, keeping your brand identity and goals and objectives at the core. Without needing access to your social media platform, Kreatifi provides you with compelling content at the pace and amount you require, giving you full ownership and control of the content creations to publish where and when you prefer.

Creatify you includes:

Content structure plan with templates of type fonts, colors, sizes, backgrounds, layouts and category posts. 

A Content strategy with planned and scheduled content for you to use, to make sure that your content and digital creations are used in a planned and consistent manner, with calendar planning, time schedules and platform variations to creations.

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